Documentary films about religion and faith in God

Patriarch Cyril. We are all equal before God (2016)

Detective William Murdoch is convinced that this is a murder. He undertakes to reveal it with the help of a new science – criminalistics. He has an ally – forensic doctor Jane Ogden. Neither young age, nor good upbringing, nor lush skirts prevent her from opening corpses and carrying out

Term (2014)

The civil husband of Ksyusha was fooled and hiding from justice and deceived clients. All property is described and selected. A single mother desperately needs to find a job. Give her only a chance and she will turn the world over! But … the chickenpox of her two twins ruins all plans. A new job could solve all problems at once. But what if the authorities do not tolerate the words “hospital-children” and will not take the mother of two kids for work? “Baggage” is decided to hide, and decorate dignities. She would only hold out for a probationary period, which coincided with the 21st day of the quarantine.

Secrets of the century: Sergius of Radonezh. Earthly and Heavenly (2014)

Sergius of Radonezh – the defender of the Russian land, the great Russian saint. His icons bless the soldiers for centuries before the battles. It is he who is seeking help and healing millions of sufferers. Why is it more than six hundred years that the name of this meek monk alone evokes warmth and sacred awe in the heart of any Orthodox? How did he manage to save our land from the Mongol yoke and unite Rus? All young generation of Russia should know such a good person as Sergius of Radonezh. It was thanks to him that the history of modern Russia was rewritten.

The Way of Christ (2016)

The family lived poorly. Clearly, they didn’t know about casinos listed here and the carpenter’s profession was not prestigious at that time. And to become someone else Jesus did not have a chance – the profession was inherited. Then for the people of Nazareth the family was everything. Place of birth, school of life and guaranteed workplace. Nazareth is considered the birthplace of Jesus. Although he was not born here. Christmas is Bethlehem. Everything that is written in the Gospels about the birth of Jesus Christ is associated with this city. And Christmas is the main holiday of the city today.

Secrets of the century: Sergius of Radonezh. The Protector of Russia (2014)

The fine work of the actors, which take us to really past times, where the nomads did not live the best way, and in the film it is perfectly illustrated. Imagine a twenty-year-old guy who left all the blessings of civilization and went to live in a remote forest. Why did he do this to watch the secrets of the century? Why voluntarily doomed himself to perennial exile? And how could he survive – alone, amid the most cruel frosts? All these questions disappear by themselves, when we call his name – Sergius of Radonezh. See and learn the history of our country.

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