Top 5 Religion-Themed Movies of All Times

As much as Hollywood manages to get some genres right, there is one they tend to fail. Religion and faith seem to escape the artistic grasp of the movie industry, turning any attempt to capture the beauty of a belief into preachy, pathetic films. However, when done correctly, a sacred theme can make a movie as compelling as a secular one. Here are our choices for the best 5 religious themed films of all times.


5. The gospel according to St. Mathew

This masterpiece achieved to capture the essence of the story of Christ with great respect, reverence and taste. The beautiful movie by Paolo Passolini uses elements of neo-realism to transmit a moving look at Jesus life, from nativity to resurrection, through the acting of almost unknown actors. The anachronistic look this film gets from the art of different eras makes it a truly unique experience worth to watch and share.


4. The Last temptation of Christ

Martin Scorsese always said he wanted to direct a movie about Christ since he was a kid, and The last Temptation of Christ is no doubt his badge of honor. This movie was heavily condemned, even before it was released, but its strong message cannot be denied.

Its final act shows us a hallucinating Christ, saved from the cross by an angel, and given the chance to have a normal life as a man. The movie is a heavy, personal look about doubt, faith and conviction through the eyes of Jesus.


3. The Rapture

Directed by Michael Tolkin, this drama centers around a swinger: born again in Christ after learning about the rapture. The movie succeed to brilliantly catch Biblical revelations in everyday life. Although with chilling results, the story of a woman trying to prepare herself and her family for the End of Days depicted in The Rapture, is a complex look to humanity, guilt and faith, free of the banalities most religious movies use in their approach.


2. The passion of Joan of Arc

Despise being a silent movie, The passion of Joan of Arc is a masterpiece, innovative even beyond its genre. The film heavily relies in closely framed shots of faces to capture the emotive nature of the trials of the famous martyr. Lead actress Renee Jeanne Falconetti shines in her play of Joan of Arc, radiating the character´s faith off the screen.


1. King of Kings (1927)

Cecil B. DeMille´s greatest achievement, King of Kings, is a monumental effort to capture the last days in the life of Christ. It also is true moviemaking at its most basic, artistic form, free of overshadowing themes or symbolism. The “King of the Biblical Epic” builds a solid movie through biblical excerpts, marvelous camera angles and great acting.

This movie excels at its picturization of the story of Jesus, especially at it biggest scene, the Crucifixion. The acting of the cast tells the story with all the reverence they can muster and H.B. Warner as Jesus lends a quiet, sober dignity to the film.


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